How to Make Waterfall with Newspaper

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Here I am going to share the idea of a beautiful newspaper showpiece – “How to make a waterfall with newspaper.” Before starting the tutorial, I am sharing a brief story behind Why I made this paper fountain craft.

My landlady has created a beautiful garden in a small area. All the things, such as grass, plants and flower pots, etc. in the garden were artificial, and they were giving a stunning look.

Still, she was missing something in the garden that could enhance the beauty of the garden. When she discussed the matter with me, I suggested that the water fountain would be perfect for giving a unique and splendid look to your garden.

Water Fountain

She liked my idea but said that it would be costly if I buy it from the market. I don’t want to spend money on it, as I have already done a lot of shopping.

Then I decided that I will gift her DIY newspaper waterfall showpiece.

Paper Fountain Craft - Showpiece Made By Paper

Whether you are a beginner or expert, I would like to suggest you play the below video tutorial because it will help you making paper fountain craft very easy.


Items Required for DIY Newspaper Waterfall Showpiece

Here are the list of items that are required to make DIY newspaper waterfall showpiece.

  • Newspaper
  • Fevicol
  • Golden Color
  • Glue Gun

Instructions on How to Make Waterfall with Newspaper

Follow the below steps to learn “how to make waterfall with newspaper”.

Step 1: Take a Newspaper and prepare long verticle pieces. Convert all the pieces into straws by rolling them. If you still having a problem with making paper straw, play the above video.

Preparing a paper straw

Step 2: Create as many straws as we need to complete this water fountain project. Next, to flatten the straws press it with a finger.

Flattening the paper straws

Step 3: Now we have to create three circles in a way, the second circle should be bigger than the first, and the third one should be bigger than the second.

For this, start quilling the flattened straws. Take the bottom of the flatten straw and stick another flatten straw at its end with glue.

Repeat this process until we get a circle of the desired size. Similarly, by following these steps, we will create two other circles.

starting quelling to make circle

Three circles to make bowls for water fountain

Step 4: Press down/up the circle with fingers lightly to give them a bowl shape.

Pressing up the circle to give it a bowl shape

Three newspaper bowl to make paper fountain craft

Step 5: Next, we will make six more circles. Give a bowl shape to 4 circles among them. We will use the remaining two circles as a base.

Newspaper bowls and circle shapes

Newspaper into bowl shape

Step 6: Apply fevicol or glue to all paper bowl and circles to built a strong foundation

apply glue on all parts of paper fountain

Step 7: Arrange all the bowls as appearing in the image.


Assemble all parts to make waterfall

Arranging all parts of water fountain

designing paper fountain

newspaper fountain

Step 8: Similarly, we will prepare the base for the fountain.


Base creation for fountain

Step 9: Color the fountain according to your choice. Here I gave a golden color to my fountain.

Golden color the paper fountain

Step 10: Give a waterfall look to your fountain with the help of a hot glue gun.

Giving water fall look to fountain with glue gun

Finally, the waterfall with the newspaper is ready.

Now its Your Turn

  • Did you find any difficulty in making this paper fountain craft?
  • How much you like this newspaper craft idea? Tell me by giving a score out of 10.
  • Any suggestions for my next craft? You would like to get in my upcoming blog post.

Please answer the questions in the comment box right now. I am waiting for your answer because your answer will help me find out what you expect. I want to share valuable content with you.

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