Teddy Bear Craft – How to Make Mini Teddy Bear With Tissue Paper

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Are you looking for making a DIY mini teddy bear without using a needle? You have landed on the correct place. If you one of my followers, then you must be knowing that I always have a real story behind every craft item, I prepare. So before starting the tutorial, let me share with you my story.

One day, While playing, my daughter asked me for a teddy. I gave her a big one, which her father bought on her birthday recently. But that teddy was too big, to accommodate in her small playing house and then she asked me to make a little teddy for her. From there, this idea generated and prepared one for her.

How to make mini teddy bear

After looking at it, she exclaimed in joy “WOW MUMMA”, Thank you for making it so quickly for me.
Seeing my princesses smile is the best source of happiness for me.

Miniature Teddy Bear Craft Ideas - Video Tutorial

Watch video tutorial to learn making miniature teddy bear.


Items required making mini teddy bear with paper

  • Tissue Paper
  • Water
  • Glue
  • Pink Color paper
  • Black Sketch Pen

OK so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial of making mini teddy bear with tissue paper.

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